The I-15 Mobility Alliance maintains a list of Immediate Projects of Interregional Significance. In February 2011, the I-15 Mobility Alliance endorsed high priority projects for their ability to get people and goods to their destinations safely and on time. Since that time, 24 projects have progressed in some fashion - from completion of environmental documentation to initiation of construction of some or all phases of the program - with 8 successfully receiving Federal discretionary funding.

This list has been updated every two years to reflect the latest projects that: (1) have community support, (2) have environmental clearance activities complete or underway, and (3) have substantial commitment of state and local funding. With additional federal investment, these projects can:

  • Be substantially implemented within 2–5 years
  • Create tens of thousands of jobs
  • Boost the productivity of business and sustain the quality of life of our communities by reducing the drag of congestion on goods and people

Currently, 28 projects are on the Immediate Projects of Interregional Significance list, divided into six categories shown below. The Interstate Strategic Corridor Investments category differs from the other project categories in that this grouping captures longer-range or visionary projects for the I-15 Corridor that involve multiple states. These are not likely to see construction in the 2-5 year timeframe, but relevant planning, environmental, and design activities should be advanced.

IPIRS List of Projects

I-15 Immediate Projects of Interregional Significance Fact Sheet (2MB pdf file)

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