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  • I-15 Mobility Alliance
Welcome to the I-15 Mobility Alliance website!

The Departments of Transportation (DOT’s) in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah have formed a cooperative alliance to develop a long-range multimodal transportation system master plan that will address current and future mobility needs along the I-15 corridor from Southern California to Northern Utah.

More than just a traditional transportation study, the I-15 Corridor System Master Plan (Master Plan) is an alliance of public and private agencies and users of the I-15 corridor working together to enhance the movement of people, freight and other commodities for decades to come. Multimodal solutions being studied to improve mobility within the corridor include moving more people and goods via rail, air, and transit in addition to potential highway and local/regional road network improvements. This Master Plan will also consider solutions and infrastructure improvements for the “transportation” of energy, data, and communications within the corridor.

The mission of the Alliance and its members is to develop, in partnership with public and private sectors, a comprehensive, multimodal Master Plan for the I-15 Corridor, to prioritize projects and policies of interregional significance, to seek financial and other resources necessary for the implementation of the Master Plan, and to devise appropriate governance mechanisms for the ongoing efficient and effective construction, operations, and maintenance of the corridor on a more sustainable basis.

I-15: Critical Commerce Corridor

Critical to the economic vitality of the Western United States, the I-15 Corridor moves people and goods to and from major trade gateways, tourist destinations and population centers from Mexico in the south to Canada in the north. Its prestigious designation in 2007 as a Corridor of the Future recognizes that the health of the corridor directly impacts the wealth of the region it serves.

I-15 At a Glance

  • 1,434 miles of interstate highway
  • Traverses the Nation’s fastest growing regions: Arizona, Nevada, and Utah ranked in the top 10 fastest growing states in the U.S. in 2015
  • Serves as primary access route for interstate tourism between Southern California and Las Vegas
  • Transports $95 billion of commerce annually to and from local communities and the global marketplace (Freight Analysis Framework, version 4, 2015)
  • Links 4 of the nation’s top 20 airports including top international gateways of Los Angeles International Airport and McCarran International Airport